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Your Boring Marketing Video Or 3rd Party Video Host Is Holding You BACK! It’s Time For A Change.

VidTags video hosting and marketing platform leverages advances in A.I. technology to get you more views, longer watch times, better engagement and sales with your videos.

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*Import videos from Zoom sections, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Dropbox, Google Drive, URL, or your computer
*Translate your video or audio files into 35+ languages with the click of your mouse
*Generate AI powered human-like audio from text, audio to text, or a blog post and make it searchable
*Index, organize and create an interactive actionable table of contents (iAToC) for every segment and talking point of your entire video or audio library in minutes
*Browser Language Detector – Viewers Get to see your videos in their default language first
*VidTags Video Editing - Like editing a text document

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