Download Auto Clicker to Automate Mouse Clicks [2022] Free

release Your Finger & Save Your Time

Auto Clicker software helps you automate the clicks on a particular point on the screen while you are working or playing games such as Roblox, Minecraft, etc.

It allows you configure the click interval, click type, selected mouse button options. You can select the location on the screen and repeat clicks until stopped.

The Best In Class Software

OP Auto Clicker Features

OP Auto Clicker for your PC is the best choice among all the other software out there in the market. It has great features and easy to use, even the user interface of the software is super simple to use. Let’s check out the major features of the software mentioned below.

Select Target Point

Pick the target point on your computer screen to perform the action. You can choose the number of clicks, right button or left button and click speed as well.

Record The Actions and Play

You can record the click action of your screen and export the clip to your device. Acts as a screen recorder for gamers to record and watch their gameplay later.

Available for Windows, Mac

OP AutoClicker is available for Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1/7 in the form of EXE. Also, it is available for Mac PC in the form of DMG.

Download Auto Clicker for Windows, Mac [Free] Latest Version

I know that you are eagerly waiting to download auto clicker for mac and windows 11/10/8.1/7 and older. We have shared the the download link of OPAUTOCLICKER which was developed by Sourceforge under the project name “Mousetool”. Let’s download the software without any delay and also check how to use the software to automate your mouse clicks easily.

How To Use OP Auto Clicker 3.0 [Explained]

Configure Click Interval

OP Auto Clicker v3.0 has a lot of features and Click Interval is one of them. Users can configure the interval between the two consecutive clicks.

The click interval settings can be set in Hours, Minutes, Seconds and Milliseconds. Combination of the H,M,S,MS will also give you speed adjustments of the clicks. Keep all zeros to get fastest auto clicker settings but make sure that it might not be a good option for low end pcs.

click options of auto mouse clicker

Configure Click Options

Click Options is the second feature in it. It has two options namely, “Mouse Button”, “Click Type”.

Tap the toggle besides Mouse Button to choose Left or Right click of the mouse. Tap the toggle besides Click Type to choose either Single or Double click.

Setting up the configuration will give you the desired output such as Single left click, single right click or double left click and double right click.

Configure Click Repeat Options

Click repeat options will help you get clicks without your notice. If you select 100 times for “Repeat”, you will get 100 clicks for the chosen click interval. The clicks will be placed from the inputs that you have selected under click options.

On the other hand, you may also opt in for “Repeat until stopped” option to get unlimited clicks. Meaning that you need to stop the clicks manually by using the floating widget of the clicker on the screen.

click repeat with op autoclicker

Cursor Position

Select the cursor location using X & Y axis or choose the location from the screen.

Start (F6)

Once you are ready with the settings and options, you can hit “Start” button or press F6.

Hotkey Settings

Under hotkey settings, you can choose the combination of shortcut keys to start & stop.

Record & Playback

Record the cursor click action and save clips to watch later, extremely useful for gamers.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How To Turn On Auto Clicker?

Download and install auto clicker exe software on your windows or mac pc. Launch the software interface and configure the settings. Hit "Start" button to start the process or press the hot key.

2. Is Auto Clicker Illegal To Use?

Most of the gaming communities won't allow the use of an auto clicker because that help the player to aim the target in no time. On the other hand, it's not recommend in professional community as well.

3. Will I Get Banned In Roblox for Using AutoClicker?

It depends on the situation because, using the autoclicker with less rate of clicks is fine but using high click rate frequency might get you the trouble.

4. Is AutoClicker.exe Safe?

Yes! it is safe to use the software becuase it doesn't have any threats in it. Even, Antivirus will not restrict you from using the software.

5. Will I Get Banned In Minecraft Using AutoClicker?

The rule is same for most of the games such as Minecraft, Roblox, Hipixel, etc. They say that you should not use any tool to automate the clicks but yes, it is fine to be nice.

6. Can I Get Faster Clicks Without Any Lags?

Faster clicks will be of the tool's responsibility and you will get. But, it is recommended to have minimum requirements for your PC (Windows or Mac). Otherwise, you may experience lags on the screen.

7. Is AutoClicker.exe Malware?

No! it is not a malware and you don't have to worry about it unitl and unless you donwnload the software from our website. We can't guarantee you regarding this, if you haven't downloaded the software from us.

8. Is OP Auto Clicker Free Completely?

Of course! it is completely free software. You can use it on your windows or mac pc without having to pay for the usage as of now. But, we may expect the paid versions in future.

9. What Is The Fastest Auto Clicker?

There are wide range of auto clickers for pc, chromebook, mac available in the internet. But a very few of them are really fast. OP Auto Clicker and SpeedAutoClicker are two best softwares which works super fast.

10. How To Uninstall AutoClicker On My PC?

Nothing to worry! you can go to program files and delete the folder named "OP Auto Clicker" or uninstall the software from Control Panel on Windows. Mac users can simply drag and drop the software onto Trash box.

11. Is Auto Clicker for Mac Available for Download?

Yes, there are handuful of options and OP Auto Clicker for Mac is an option apart from the Speed & GS Auto Clicker. Make sure that you download the file in (.dmg) format for your Macbook.

12. What Is The Fastest Auto Clicker for Android?

QuickTouch is the best auto mouse clicker app for android devices. There are couple of other options too, but it's the one which is perfectly fine with the UI and options.

13. Is Sourceforge Autoclicker Safe To Use?

Of course! Yes. It is safe to use the sourceforge autoclick software but there are few complaints from people in recent times. Make sure to scan the file with anti virus before you install it on your windows or mac pc.

14. Is AutoClicker A Bot?

No! it is not a bot. It is just a script and more of a tool that will get your operations done with the given parameters. It is nothing sort of a bot because there won't be kind of automatic things until and unless you initiate something on the tool.