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Constantly restarting your screen recordings? With Vento, you can just pause, rewind a few seconds, and re-record over any mistakes.

It's perfect for people with dogs that bark, babies that cry, and those who fumble the occasional word. 🙂



Introducing stress-free screen recording with Vento.
Get audio transcriptions while you're recording to make sure you rewind to the exact points you need to record over.Need to do multiple takes?

Just hit one button to jump back to where you rewound last so you can keep redoing the same take until you get it right.

Make a mistake? Don't sweat it -- we're all human. Vento makes it easy to fix in real-time.

Record without logging in, and add chapter headings & author annotations to help your viewers better navigate what you're trying to communicate.

Currently available on Chrome & Edge; you must have a Google or Microsoft account to use Vento.

We don't think it should be difficult to re-record or do multiple takes, so we've made it a painless process with Vento.

Fumbled a word? No problem.

With other screen recorders, you’ll have to restart the entire recording or use some complicated post-production software to edit out the mistake.

With Vento, just pause, rewind a few seconds, and re-record over it!

Do multiple takes with Vento.

You can do many takes really quickly by jumping to the last rewind point and re-recording again and again.

Need to get that feeling right for a pitch or a demo?

Now you can do it without restarting the whole video from scratch.

Splicing up your recording with chapter headings makes it simple to re-record only the sections you need to redo.

Create chapter headings.

Make it easier for your viewers to quickly skip to points of interest in your recording.

Add author annotations.

Forgot to mention something?

Go back afterwards and add an author annotation that viewers will have to acknowledge before continuing to watch the video recording.

Forget something along the way? No sweat -- Vento has you covered!

Vento is one of the best screen recorders out there on the market for Chromebook, Window, or Mac users.

Without any apps required, Vento can be used to record a quick 5-minute video to share with others or a long meeting for later viewing.

Vento supports recording the screen, internal/external audio, and webcam with free transcriptions.

Get access to Vento today!