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Have you ever wanted to customize the default player from your YouTube videos and redesign them with your style that can play on any device, browser at blazing speed without buffering?

If you have multiple websites and use a player with the same style, this can be boring and not make your site stand out from other competitors.

Meet SumPlayer -- A simple, easy-to-use multimedia custom player, enjoy 15+ pre-built beautiful video player themes that support modern browsers with unlimited color options to create millions of different players with your Business style easily and quickly.

Your videos stay hosted on YouTube or third-party video data storage services. SumPlayer only modifies the theme of the video player. That’s all!

By using SumPlayer, you can easily create multiple subtitle languages to reach your potential customers all over the world.

You can embed videos using the built-in themes, or you can design a new theme with your style -- it’s all in your hands.

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Best for

  • Graphic designers

  • Marketers

  • Videographers

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