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Scrape business contacts, write personalized cold messages and create unique marketing copies using AI.

Scanlist is an AI assistant that combines LinkedIn contact scraping features with AI writing tools to cover both outbound and inbound marketing needs of a modern sales team.


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Access 70+ templates to spark your creativity.
Create high-quality marketing copies of all kinds: from cold email templates to social media ad texts and landing page CTA blocks. Includes 70+ copy types.

The process is easy - choose a template, answer a few simple questions about your intent and the product you offer and we'll come back with a great marketing text you can instantly use.

Write full blog articles in minutes.

Follow four simple steps to generate a unique blog article completely from scratch. Whether you're writing about website analytics or sourdough baking equipment - Scanlist can create a perfect copy for any occasion.

Come up with an idea for your article, pick an intro that looks best for you, confirm the outline and your full article is just one click away!

An email check a day keeps spam filters away.

Test your cold email templates for deliverability and readability instantly with Email Analyzer.

Scanlist will instantly offer suggestions to improve your email score, so you'll be ready to send in no time!

Scrape the freshest contacts from LinkedIn.

Integrate lead generation directly into your workflow with Scanlist.

Make a LinkedIn search with your target audience and press the button -- Scanlist will handle the rest and save the results in your dashboard. It works well even without a Sales Navigator subscription.

You can export contacts from any LinkedIn people search, Sales Navigator search, or even Sales Navigator lists.

Each contact comes with 20+ data points (with business or personal email, or both) and includes free email verification option.

Get a personalized cold message sequence for each contact in a few clicks

Generate a personalized cold message automatically based on the scraped profile data. Choose what you need - a cold email, LinkedIn connection message or an ice-breaker.

Export your lists, including scraped data, contact info and personalized message paragraphs in a few clicks. Ready to send!

Whether you are a sales rep, a marketing mastermind or you simply need the best contact info possible, this is the deal for you!

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Get unlimited Access today !!

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