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Introducing RateMyService, the world's easiest customer feedback and survey solution designed to help businesses improve their customer service and satisfaction levels.

With a quick and easy 3-minute setup process, RateMyService allows businesses to insert surveys into their staff's email signature to measure customer satisfaction (CSAT) and loyalty. You can now choose to re-direct positive feedback to your Google My Business (GBS) review page.

The emoji survey, gives real-time feedback, and potentially allows customers to rate their customer experience after every email reply.


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Embed them directly in your existing email with a click of a button - our solution is copy & paste simple.
Our in-signature widget is highly customizable, allowing teams to create surveys that are unique to their brand and vision. Change the text size and color, choose your rating icons, and add your logo to create surveys that are fun, intuitive, and engaging.

Best suited for high-performance teams that communicate with their clients via email, RateMyService is perfect for sales, customer support, and administrative teams.

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Every email becomes a channel for your customer to give you feedback & help you grow.

Say goodbye to mailbox monitoring and inspecting with RateMyService's time-saving solution.

Our easy-to-use platform quickly identifies the worst-performing staff, allowing businesses to remove "dead wood" and celebrate top performers. Our platform filters feedback by agent, date, or rating, allowing businesses to respond to issues promptly.

Effortlessly collect four and five-star reviews with our new and improved review feature, which redirects positive survey results to your miRatings page and Google Reviews, while avoiding one, two, and three-star reviews.

With our real-time feedback system, customers can rate their experience after every email reply, providing businesses with valuable insights to improve their services.

Effortlessly collect 4&5-Star Reviews with the new and improved review feature.

RateMyService provides businesses with peace of mind by instantly connecting customers with the manager to address any dropped balls or issues.

Our signature surveys help teams "fly higher" and become better, helping businesses grow and expand.

Our platform is designed to be copy and paste simple, with the fastest setup process in the industry, meaning businesses can get customer feedback quickly.

Make your surveys fun, intuitive, and unique to your brand and vision.

Embed surveys directly into your existing email with a click of a button using RateMyService's copy and paste feature.

Our platform integrates seamlessly with G-Suite, Office-365, and Microsoft Outlook, with more integrations coming soon.

Each email becomes a channel for customers to give feedback, helping businesses track their performance and respond to any issues immediately.

Display your survey and call-to-action in the language of your choosing.

RateMyService supports ten languages, including English, Danish, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Arabic, and Hindi.

With RateMyService, businesses can study trends and track their progress to identify areas for improvement and grow their services to new heights.

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