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Help website visitors to contact you immediately and without effort.

Do you lose customers just because they were not able to understand whether you are the right fit for them via a website?

Most successful business begins with a conversation, hence making it easy to contact gives them the opportunity to reach out on channels they already use.

This also helps in increasing trust, open rate & conversation rate when you reach out.

Click2Contact App helps add chat widget to website with the option to:

1. Click to call

2. Click to message

3. Click to message on WhatsApp with customer pre-defined message that opens in app on mobile

4. Click 2 message on Messenger opens in app on mobile, telegram, Viber, Skype

5. Click to email, click to message online, and more

6. Also you can add a custom button -- just provide label and URL

7. Includes unlimited page views


Adding is as easy as copy-paste: copy the code we provide and paste to the site body, and you're done.


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Get Access Today !!

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