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You got a backlink from a link exchange partner and sent it to your clients. A month later, the client comes back saying that there is no link, the link is removed!

You got a backlink but your client comes & tells you that it's not there on Google.

Do you really want to live through this again?

Introducing, Backlink Checker.

Backlink Checker is the tool to handle all your post link-building needs.

  1. Monitor backlinks - get notified if it is changed, link, anchor or rel-tag
  2. Check Indexing - find if your backlink has been indexed by Google or not

We also help you organize your backlinks in lists, put notes, add subscribers & share it publicly.

Never fear losing a backlink and get access today!

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We monitor your backlinks & promptly inform you if link, anchor text or rel tag is not correct.
A simple backlink monitoring tool that checks your backlink, ensure your link, anchor text & rel-tag are correct.

Club links into lists so you can define frequency of crawling, subscribers & public URLs.

100% automation - Upload links & forget. We do everything possible to make sure you get good ROI on your links.

Monitor your backlinks - Check if ‘link_from’ contains the ‘link_to’ of your site & the anchor text & rel-tag match

Regular updates - Schedule weekly or monthly updates to monitor your backlinks. We send a backlink report after each crawl.

Build trust with your client.

Add subscribers for email notification - Add subscribers to your lists. We inform them through email if any of the backlinks go missing.

Public lists for agencies - Make your list public & share its link with your clients, so they can view it without logging in. A single shareable URL to flaunt the backlinks you created.

Monitor your backlinks with us, we will inform you if they go missing.

Link Monitoring Logs - See every link's current status & older logs.

Secured Cloud - Nothing to download. Nothing complicated to do. You upload the list of URLs you want to monitor & we send regular email updates.

Automated backlink detection - Discover new backlinks of your domain & cherry pick some for continuous monitoring.

Never fear losing a backlink and get access today!


Never fear losing a backlink and get access today!