6 New ChatGPT Features Include Prompt Examples & File Uploads

New ChatGPT Features

OpenAI, the company behind the cutting-edge language model ChatGPT, announced six new features in the latest version to enhance user interaction.

These improvements, expected to roll out over the next week, aim to optimize the user experience by providing several new features and usability enhancements.

1. Prompt Examples

Initiating a new conversation with ChatGPT can now be a more intuitive process, thanks to the introduction of prompt examples.

6 New ChatGPT Features Include Prompt Examples & File UploadsScreenshot from ChatGPT, August 2023

Users often find a blank screen daunting, leading to difficulties in commencing a dialogue. To mitigate this, ChatGPT will provide sample prompts at the start of a new chat, guiding users towards engaging conversations.

2. Suggested Replies

Another new element is ‘suggested replies.’ OpenAI seeks to enrich dialogue by offering pertinent options to continue the discussion.

Users can explore a topic in greater depth with a single click, making interactions with the AI model more dynamic and versatile.

3. GPT-4 As Default Model

ChatGPT is also catching up with its latest model version, GPT-4, the new default for Plus users with a cap of 50 messages every three hours.

Users won’t default back to GPT-3.5 when beginning a fresh chat. Remembering previously selected models can streamline user interactions, helping to save time and add convenience.

4. Upload 10 Files To Code Interpreter

The Code Interpreter beta, available for all Plus users, now offers an intriguing ability – up to ten uploaded files. The following example includes exported keyword research data from Semrush that I can now ask ChatGPT to analyze.

6 New ChatGPT Features Include Prompt Examples & File UploadsScreenshot from ChatGPT, August 2023

This new capability for Code Interpreter opens up new possibilities for in-depth marketing analysis and data extraction.

5. Stay Logged In Longer

Login experiences have been redesigned. Users will stay logged in longer as the previous two-week log-out policy is scrapped.

Moreover, the new login page is more welcoming and user-friendly.

6. ChatGPT Keyboard Shortcuts

Lastly, introducing keyboard shortcuts, such as ⌘ (Ctrl) + Shift + C to copy a code block, is designed to speed up work.

A complete list of shortcuts can be viewed by pressing ⌘ (Ctrl) + /, enhancing productivity and making ChatGPT more accessible to all users.

6 New ChatGPT Features Include Prompt Examples & File UploadsScreenshot from ChatGPT, August 2023

Advancement Of ChatGPT Capabilities

The SEO and digital marketing community rely heavily on tools like ChatGPT to help generate content, perform analysis, and streamline workflows.

Improvements in usability and features can significantly increase productivity and effectiveness, benefiting SEO strategists, content marketing managers, and other professionals who rely on this tool.

The new list of features comes a day after ChatGPT Plus users noticed the popular Link Reader plugin had disappeared, further limiting the ability to browse the web with AI. The official Browse with Bing feature was also removed in early July.

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